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DSV manages the logistics – for the physical Pokémon

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Cold-blooded transport

First class travel for delicate cargo

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Yes we can!

Intelligent logistics reduce environmental impact

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Logistics for tunnel vision

Transporting concrete tunnel wall elements

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Rail transport shortens transit times

China to Europe by train instead of ship

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  • Servicing cruise ships 24-7

    From spare parts, engines, navigation systems, food and beverages to the complete refurbishment of cocktail bars and restaurants, DSV is capable of delivering everything a luxury liner needs – 24/7 all year round.

  • The Board visits South Africa

    The acquisition of UTi has made DSV one of the biggest transport companies in South Africa. All buildings, vehicles, signs and uniforms say "DSV" and enthusiasm is higher than ever.

  • The environment is the single most important CSR issue for the transport sector

    In this year's CSR Report, you will find descriptions and examples of how we work with CSR in accordance with the UN Global Compact.

  • Our corporate magazine is out now

    We are ready for the future - and not seriously concerned that we will suddenly see a new invention that checkmates us.

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