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Ready for the future

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict developments but I am not seriously concerned that we will suddenly see a new invention that checkmates us.

 Jens Bjørn Andersen DSV comments

"What if...?!" is an oft-heard phrase in conversations with the many people who are more or less shocked by the world’s changeability and unpredictability. But the trend does not make me flinch, not even when the conversation touches on the effect of drones on the flow of goods, electronic marketplaces or private transport schemes where Mr. Brown takes a parcel out to a Facebook friend, when he is out driving anyway.

Our business is much bigger and much more complicated than us being threatened by drones and vacant space on back seats – or by any other new idea being launched to get a slice of the pie. At any rate, it is apparent to me that DSV has not been adversely affected so far, and I am not seriously concerned that we will suddenly see a new invention that checkmates us. Even in light of the uncertainty and speed at which the world is changing, the future still looks bright for DSV: we are heading towards a healthy, profitable future.

But it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict developments. Complexity is increasing and the number of opportunities and new directions are increasing exponentially. Few predicted that the British would choose to leave the EU. Or that businessman Donald Trump would be the next occupant of the White House. Just imagine the odds if you had placed a bet on this combination with a bookmaker!

Adventurousness and creativity are no less prevalent in the business community than in the political arena. Even if we haven't seen any adverse impact on our business, it is important for us not to be caught unawares. We must be ready to see changes and seize new opportunities whenever they arise. Perhaps we could even learn from them and get new ideas for how to develop our own business.

At any rate, innovation and, most of all, continuous changes are increasingly becoming mantras in relation to our customers. Mantras that also guide the way to retaining our customers in our business. We must continue to introduce our customers to optimised processes, shorter lead times and strategic cooperation. As our global customer Colfax Corporation puts it, continuous changes are the prerequisites for continuing our good collaboration.

In closing, I wish all of you the best for continued prosperity in 2017.

Jens Bjørn Andersen

Excerpts from the editorial of Moves from February 2017

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