DSV is an enormous global workplace

At global level, 45,000 people work for DSV in our fields of operation and in executive and support functions.

Each and every one of them makes an enormous contribution to the success DSV has been able to report over the past many quarters. We are still a “people business”, despite the fact that automation and robotics made their entry into the transport and logistics sector long ago.

Each month we hire many new employees in a great many countries, either to fill newly created jobs or to replace former colleagues who have decided to seek new challenges outside DSV. I have been working for DSV for almost thirty years and there has never been a lack of challenges for me – quite the contrary: it’s still a superb journey and my aim is to make it possible for all employees to have this same experience.

I am very pleased to note how many employees have the energy for and interest in taking on big challenges outside their working life as well, whether this involves climbing a mountain or running a half-marathon, and that they feel it is only natural for them to signal their relationship to DSV in the process. This indicates that they are proud to work for DSV.

The hash tag #DSVproud has proliferated on various social media recently. This was not initiated by DSV, and so much the better, because it indicates that there is something to it. As a company, we are obviously very proud of this.


Jens Bjørn Andersen

Excerpts from the editorial of Moves from October 2017

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