DSV Moves 2017

Moves August 2017


  • Indian economy takes giant leap
  • DSV prepares for a future of rising e-commerce
  • Young and working for DSV
  • Last run across the Great Belt Bridge
  • Common QHSE focus

Moves August 2017


  • China wants to be one of the five biggest in DSV
  • DSV Protect: extra security in case of an accident
  • Leadership training in DSV  
  • Operating under the constant threat of a cyber-attack

Moves May 2017


  • Why the US is the best
  • New transport management system in record time
  • Global accounts - in all divisions
  • Fang Xie will make DSV the best in Singapore
  • From local anecdotes to global values

Moves February 2017


  • One year after the biggest acquisition ever
  • Matching global muscle and supply chain innovation
  • "As if it had always been DSV..."
  • Pokémon is booming - and we know where your Pokémons are

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