DSV to build logistics complex for Volvo Cars Gent

Volvo Cars Gent in Belgium has decided to have a logistics complex built for an efficient delivery of components to the factory.

Volvo Cars has decided to have DSV Solutions (Automotive) to build and run a news logistics complex for Volvo Cars on a ground owned and disposed by Volvo Cars Gent. DSV Solutions (Automotive) will invest in the building and the equipment, and will also run the complex.

These activities will provide work to approximately 300 people, including 200 who are currently working for DSV Solutions (Automotive) and will be integrated in the new logistics centre.
The activities which are currently executed at DSV Solutions in the Skaldenstraat, will move to the logistics complex (+/- 40 parts). Light pre-assemblies, which are now executed in the SILS-center* will also be carried out by DSV Solutions. On top of that a number of parts which are now delivered in sequence from SILS-center, will also move to the new complex.

The construction works will start before the summer holidays ; by the summer of 2008 the logistics complex should be operaltional. The building will consist of two floors with a total surface of about 50.000 m2. The investment amounts to 30 million euro.

With this logistics complex Volvo Cars Gent will be able to organize deliveries even more efficiently and the overload on the Kennedylaan will also decrease. The number of trucks that deliver parts from Skaldenpark will decrease with approximately one third: from 421 today, to 290 in the future.

This announcement has been forwarded to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange´s investorservice and the press. It is also available on the internat at The announcement has been prepared in Danish and in English. In the event of discrepancies, the Danish version shall apply. Questions should be addressed to Kurt K. Larsen, Managing Director, Tel. +45 43 20 30 40.

Yours sincerly

Kurt K. Larsen
Managing Director

*SILS: Supply In-Line-Sequence: Parts are delivered in the right order and at the right time when they are needed in the production.