CSR report released

We have achieved by far most of the CSR targets established a year ago and we are ready to set the bar higher the coming years.

2012 CSR report

DSV has taken major steps in 2012 to improve the CSR performance of the Group. Within business ethics we have focused on several initiatives during the year which have boosted the Group and strengthened the platform for our CSR work across our global organisation. 

In addition, our work in relation to climate/environment and employees continues at full speed. It is therefore a pleasure to note that we have achieved by far most of the targets established a year ago and that we are ready to set the bar higher and increase our efforts in the coming years. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

In 2012, DSV formulated the Supplier Code of Conduct - a common set of business ethics rules and requirements for the suppliers of the Group. It describes appropriate behaviour for all DSV business partners in the areas of business ethics, human and labour rights and the environment. 

Management training and global whistleblower program

More than 200 top managers have received e-learning and been tested in business ethics in 2012. The training explored areas like corruption and facilitation payments as well as human and labour rights. 

A global whistleblower programme was launched across the DSV Group to handle complaints about unacceptable business practices within the company. No infringements have been reported in 2012. 

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