Annual general meeting in Copenhagen

“Bigger is better” was one of the messages from Kurt Larsen, Chairman of the Board, and Jens Bjørn Andersen, CEO. We forward more freight and deliver higher quality than ever before.

The chairman speaks of size and strength 

Chairman of the board Kurt Larsen was very pleased about the 2012 results, showing both market share and profit growth in a receding European market and tough world economy. 

He continued to say that we can deliver better quality than ever before because we are bigger and have a strong transport network in place.

The network will be strengthened in the coming year like we did last year; by growing organically as well as by acquisition of companies which fit into our organisation. Kurt Larsen emphasised that is not as easy to find suitable targets as it used to be, since many have already been acquired by DSV or other major freight forwarders.  On the positive side, DSV has greater financial strength, so we can look at a wider range of companies than we used to.

The CEO on what makes us unique

Jens Bjørn Andersen was asked if a new company with a similar setup to DSV could become a threat. He answered by giving two reasons why we do not worry too much about new competition: 

  • We are the sixth largest freight forwarder in the world, and have invested heavily in efficient work and IT systems, making us one of the most productive players in the field. 

  • Our key personnel and leadership have shown great loyalty to the company over a long period of time, leading to continuity and a strong corporate culture based on entrepreneurship, common sense, business acumen and cost-consciousness.

Board of directors re-elected

After the presentation of the annual report and general questions, voting on the agenda proceeded. All motions passed as presented and the board of directors were re-elected with general applause.