2013 CSR Report released

Responsible conduct and a good reputation are prerequisites for our strong presence in the transport market

There is increasing focus on conduct when we do business all over the world. This is a welcome development.

At DSV we pride ourselves on being good businessmen who assume responsibility for the local communities in which we operate. We want to run an honest, fair and, not least, lawful business wherever we go. That is why CSR represents to us not only a formalisation of our fundamental attitudes, but also an element of our business intended to create value for our shareholders and give satisfaction to our customers.

Progress towards objectives

The past year has again seen significant progress towards the objectives set by the Board of Directors. One gratifying result is that the transport activities performed by DSV in 2013 by sea, road and air have all become more energyefficient and emit less carbon per unit of cargo carried than before.

Business ethics remain one of our most important focus areas. We have therefore commenced a long-term battle against the so-called facilitation payments. An in-depth analysis of the problem has been made for use in this battle to reduce and hopefully, with time, completely end the practice of such payments.

Communicating the Supplier Code of Conduct

Again in 2013, we focused on communicating our Supplier Code of Conduct to our many suppliers. This is an important step that will assist us in ensuring compliance with laws and rules and the provision of uniform services to our customers. Our corporate image is often conveyed by our suppliers, and it is therefore vital that their actions reflect the DSV values.

We also experienced retrogression during the past year. In early 2013, an occupational accident had fatal consequences for one of our employees. This touches me deeply and reminds me and all other DSV employees how important it is to keep focus on working conditions and adapt conduct, technology and habits to constantly reduce and minimise the risk of personal accidents in DSV.

In that light I am pleased to announce that we have succeeded in reducing the number of occupational accidents over the last couple of years. One of the methods used was to focus on mapping the causes of accidents and improving local routines.

Looking forward, we want to continue to develop our endeavours and will therefore adjust our objectives on an ongoing basis to ensure constant progress. Because we want to be a responsible and environmentally friendly organisation and because we want to be able to meet the sustainability requirements made by many of our customers 

With this progress report we would like to express our continued support to the United Nations Global Compact initiative and its ten fundamental principles. At the same time, we also encourage all our business partners to support the initiative. 

Jens Bjorn Andersen

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