Annual general meeting in Copenhagen

Despite tough competition and low market growth DSV managed to prosper also in 2013

Annual general meeting 2014

The chairman sees a DSV well positioned for the future 

"Although last year was tough we managed to prosper," Chairman of the Board Kurt Larsen said about 2013 and continued; "we consider the financial results for 2013 to be satisfactory and DSV is in good shape".

In 2013 focus was on product development and CSR 

We have introduced products and services developed based on our customers' demands, including DSV Daily Pallet and DSV XPress. "Today's logistics products comprise so much more than moving something from A to B," said Jens Bjørn Andersen and stressed the importance of a constant dialogue with our customers.

CSR is an increasingly important aspect and one of DSV's objectives is to lower our CO2 emissions by 15% per transport type by 2015. Already in 2013 we reduced our CO2 emissions by 10%, 19% and 14% for air, sea and road transport, respectively.

New member of the Board of Directors

With one exception, the Board members were re-elected. Kaj Christiansen chose to retire (due to the stipulated retirement age). Robert Steen Kledal, CEO of Wrist Ship Supply, was elected new member of the Board of Directors.

Careful optimism 

Jens Bjørn Andersen expressed careful optimism concerning 2014, but emphasised that continued focus on cost efficiency is required in a slow growing market which is still characterised by fierce competition.