Siemens honours DSV in Turkey

Cost-efficient, service-minded and a quick responder to irregularities are the reasons cited by Siemens for honouring DSV as the "Best Logistics Supplier of the Year"

Siemens has continuously developed its global partnership with DSV since 2010. This includes Turkey, where the DSV organisation has been honoured by Siemens. Cost-efficient, service-minded, quick responder to irregularities, quality certifications in place and the ability to communicate where the reasons for awarding DSV. Tuğrul Ünal, Supply Chain Manager for Siemens Turkey, added that DSV received the award for its "excellent level of service". 

We experience tough competition from major transport companies who’ve been collaborating with Siemens Turkey for years, but we’ve showed the way to go. This award indicates how much our efforts mean to Siemens. Our level of involvement grows year by year and it is a trend we look forward to continuing

Serhat Şen, Sales and Marketing Manager, DSV Turkey. 

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