More cargo - fewer carbon emissions

Our CSR reports show an obvious trend: carbon emissions per transported volume of cargo are falling year by year

For the third time we have published an independent CSR report to measure our efforts on environmental impact, business ethics and the occupational safety and health of our employees. And to put focus on our conduct when we run our business around the world. Responsible behaviour and a good reputation enable us to be a strong player in the transport market of the future.

UN Global Compact

Since 2009, we have actively supported the UN Global Compact initiative and its focus on spreading adherence to principles of anti-corruption, environmental considerations and human and labour rights. The initiative is aimed at getting the participating enterprises to work to change and shape their practices in a more sustainable, ethical business direction within their sphere of business.

Important progress on carbon emissions

Once again, we made important progress over the past year. Among other things, we are pleased to note that DSV’s air, sea and road transport activities were all more energy efficient and emitted less carbon per transported volume of cargo in 2013 than before. We have improved the energy efficiency per transport for air, sea and road by 10%, 19% and 14% compared to 2010 numbers.

Our aim is to improve our energy efficiency per transport activity by 15% by 2015 compared with 2010 numbers.

Read more in the CSR report