CSR reporting in DSV is world class

DSV has been rated with 20 out of 20 points in a survey of CSR reports from the 100 largest Danish companies listed on the stock exchange.

The points in the survey are given for completeness of the report in relation to the UN Global Compact requirements.
"We are being rewarded for our focus on and commitment to CSR issues" says CEO Jens Bjorn Andersen and continues: "All Danish companies listed on the stock exchange must provide CSR reporting and adhere to high demands so naturally we are very pleased with the survey result."
Many CSR reports fail to provide a clear picture of the companies' activities according to the highly esteemed Danish news source, Okonomisk Ugebrev Ledelse, that made the survey.

In DSV we are working professionally with CSR. As a global company it is a major challenge not just to collect but also to validate the collected data.
CSR Senior Manager, Thomas Susé

NGO also rates DSV highly

Transparency International Denmark, the local chapter of a global organisation fighting corruption, published an extensive report about the top Danish corporations on 13 June 2014. The TRAC (Transparency in Corporate Reporting) report gives DSV the following ratings:
  • Reporting on anti-corruption programmes: 73%
  • Organisational transparency (subsidiaries and ownership interests): 75%

Only five companies rate higher on reporting anti-corruption programmes and no company rates higher on organisational transparency. Since Denmark is one of the countries in the world with the highest legal demands on CSR-reporting, we can justly be proud of the results and continue the good work going forward.

CSR report by the Danish business publication Okonomisk Ugebrev (in Danish)

TRAC report by Transparency International Denmark (in English)_PDF