Elizabeth Arden charmed by DSV

The leading brand in fragrances and beauty care appoints DSV to act as its sole logistics service supplier in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Elizabeth Arden charmed by DSV
We will provide all logistics activities in Europe-Middle East related to goods movements. These range from inbound road transport, container (de-)consolidation, outbound transport to all retail stores, customs administration and invoice audit. The main shipping location is near Chartres in France, where Elizabeth Arden has its EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) distribution centre.

Control tower setup

A 3,5PL control tower operation will be set up in France and is a variant on the 4PL concept. With Elizabeth Arden we will be their logistics department making use of both the DSV network and 3rd party services. In the model we have created with Elizabeth Arden a substantial part of the transport is executed by DSV to provide Elizabeth Arden with a single European partner.

DSV demonstrated a thorough understanding of our requirements and an approach in line with our strategy. It has been a very pleasant experience to work with their knowledgeable team

Glenn Sharp, SVP Global Logistics & OTC

Insight in the Elizabeth Arden world

Elizabeth Arden was very impressed by the involvement of senior management and the specific knowledge we brought to the table about the Elizabeth Arden world, being fragrances and beauty care.

"We are delighted to start working for a prestigious brand like Elizabeth Arden. The agreement takes advantage of the combined services that we provide in France and we are excited about the challenge," says Vincent Merletti, Managing Director, DSV France. 

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