Everyone united in DSV headquarters

Get behind the scenes in our new eco-friendly domicile in Hedehusene, Denmark

Read about our new headquarters in our corporate magazine and find these interesting stories.

Elizabeth Arden and DSV - Partners in Operational Excellence (pp. 14-15)

The newly established partnership between DSV and one of the world's leading providers of skincare, cosmetics and fragrance products delivers results

Express service to the entire world (pp. 16-17)

DSV XPress has been made attractive for the entire world with a new booking portal providing customers with more advantages - and DSV XPress will now be sold by all three divisions

Trucker for life (pp. 18-19)

It is not because Nedyalko Mitev can only envisage himself behind the wheel of a giant lorry on the European highways. But there are not that many other options for a young man from Bulgaria who wants to accomplish something for himself and his family

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