One DSV in practice

CEO, Jens Bjorn Andersen, comments on the current state of mind of DSV

When I look out the window of our new headquarters in Denmark, I see DSV at work. I see DSV trailers being loaded at the 70 docks at the terminal area located right across from the office. A little further away, I see a DSV lorry stopping in at one of our customers, and I am deeply pleased that we chose to set up office here together with the production unit. We could also have isolated ourselves by putting our group functions in a remote office building that could actually be located everywhere, given that the functions are just as relevant to Singapore and Finland as the Danish organisation. But this is where we belong – together with the production unit – and we have chosen to gather all functions in one building complex.

Working across departments

Here we have the operational functions, Road, Air & Sea and Solutions, Group functions and IT, allowing us to work across departments as never before. Activities that were previously dispersed among different locations are gathered here in our new home, and we can embody the vision of "One DSV" in practice. We have only lived here for a month but we already benefit greatly from the openness and diversity facilitated by our new layout where we have even chosen to abandon personal offices in favour of free access and sharing experiences.

A headquarter for everyone

We feel that our new, elegant headquarters match our position as one of Denmark’s largest companies and one of the world’s largest transport groups, and we have determined that the head office should be for all DSV countries and not just for Danish employees. Here in Hedehusene, we hold our international conferences on our own premises. This creates cohesion – and helps cap expenses.
We are looking forward to the official opening ceremony for our customers, partners and shareholders – more about this later!

Growth in B2C

B2C (business-to-consumer) has gained on B2B and we are expecting to see additional strong growth in deliveries of small parcels, documents, etc., to private households as well as to businesses in the years ahead. To accommodate this demand, we are now rolling out DSV XPress, initially to a large number of European countries. In its current configuration, DSV XPress is a fairly new product on DSV’s shelves, resulting from new needs and opportunities, and it is pleasing to see how customers embrace our new services: we have far from exhausted all options and just need to get the good ideas!

Elizabeth Arden selected DSV

The good ideas are also the reason why DSV managed to attract an interesting new account early this year. Elizabeth Arden chose to turn over responsibility for its European distribution centre to DSV, which will have overall responsibility for the aggregate logistics operations – and also carry out much of the transports via the European road network. The most thorough, the most focused, and the most dedicated are some of the superlatives underlying Elizabeth Arden’s decisions – read more in the magazine!

Behind the wheel

Every day, DSV has upwards of 17,000 lorries out on the European roads – operated by external hauliers. Drivers cover millions of kilometres behind the wheel and are often away from home for several months. How do they experience life on the road? In the profile of Nedyalko Mitev, we learn that he is happy with the conditions as a long-haul driver. But that there is also a price to be paid. Enjoy the magazine. 

Best regards, 

Jens Bjorn Andersen