Exploring the opportunities of Africa

The VP of DSV Air & Sea, Peter Larsen, is currently based in Johannesburg to promote DSV’s new presence in Africa. In an interview, he reveals some of the opportunities and obstacles facing the company as we expand on the continent.

To strengthen DSV's presence on the African continent and manage the fruitful integration of the Swift Freight group into our company, Air & Sea VP Peter Larsen has temporarily rebased to South Africa.

Trade journal interview

In a recent interview with the South African trade journal ftw, Peter revealed more about his priorities and plans for DSV as the company looks to improve and expand its footprint in the region.

We want to deliver great service moulded to local needs

Peter talked about our priorities on the continent. And the primary is to service our global clients to the standard they expect.

"We are in 11 countries in Africa – all of which are managed by local staff. Moves are already underway to transfer skills and to educate in the interest of elevating service levels and achieving a uniform standard of excellence," Peter was quoted as saying, and continued on the subject of local adaptation:

"DSV provides the basic platform but different menus need to be prepared for different countries. There's no standard solution – every solution must be moulded to the needs of the country."

We follow the volumes

Peter also noted that while he sees huge potential in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, he is keeping an eye on the smaller niche markets as well.

"We’ll follow the volumes. We're keeping a close eye on Rwanda, for example. Politically stable environments are what we'll be focusing on."

Expansion experts and the greatest challenge of Africa

Finally, Peter stressed that this expansion is something DSV has done before in places like Asia and America and that our global experience is an invaluable tool when moving into new markets. When asked about the biggest challenge in Africa, he responded simply: "Infrastructure – from ports, rail and road to customs issues."

Quotes courtesy of Freight & Trading Weekly (FTW), South Africa.

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