New logistics facility in New Jersey, USA

We now have warehouses on the Western and Eastern Seaboards that provide excellent gateways for products both from Asia and Europe

Having opened our first US warehouse on the West Coast last year, we can now announce the opening of a new contract logistics facility in Edison, New Jersey.

Strategically located

“Our facilities are positioned to complement each other and help us cover a wider geographic remit in North America" explains Piet Mulders, President of DSV Solutions USA.

The new 10,000 square meter distribution centre in Edison, New Jersey will offer a wide range of logistics services. Among the facility’s first customers are a number of European retailers who are currently launching or expanding their activities in the USA.

Together the two DSV warehouse facilities reinforce the company’s existing network of 26 locations in the USA; the warehouse in Fontana serves as a major point of entry to the North American market for Asian-sourced products, while the facility in Edison provides an excellent gateway for products imported from Europe.

Organic growth

We are steadily realising its ambition to further extend its market coverage through organic growth by following customers as they move into new markets.

"As a result of being an integral part of their supply chain for years, our customers prefer to rely on DSV, our people, processes and systems, to facilitate their market expansion rather than selecting an unknown local provider in a new country," says Brian Ejsing, CEO of DSV Solutions.

He confirms that DSV’s strong ties with its customer base, notably in Europe and Asia, represent an enormous source of growth potential in the USA.

Freight management  

In the USA, DSV is primarily focused on freight management services and contract logistics, capitalising on the excellent network of distribution providers with complementary delivery services and areas.

DSV in the USA employs approx. 725 people across 28 facilities.

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