Annual General Meeting

The 2015 Annual General Meeting was held 12 March at the DSV Headquarters in Denmark

This is the first time the meeting has been held in house. And the Chairman of the Board, Kurt K. Larsen, opened the meeting by welcoming the audience to ”the most beautiful building [I’ve] ever seen.”

Approximately 180 people attended the Annual General Meeting presenting last year’s activities and results. On the agenda were also the election of members for the Board of Directors and a proposal to eliminate the retirement age for board members. Please find the full 8 point agenda here.

Jorgen Moller elected as new member of the Board of Directors

While Erik B. Pedersen chose to step down after a lifetime of service to DSV – the last 26 years as a member of the Board of Directors – Jorgen Moller, retiring CEO of DSV Air & Sea Holding, was elected as new member of the Board of Directors.

Chairman of the Board Kurt K. Larsen gave tribute to both Erik B. Pedersen and Jorgen Moller for their longstanding service to DSV and announced that a unanimous Board was extremely pleased to have a man of Mr Moller’s expertise and experience join the Board. 

Jens Bjorn Andersen addressing the assembly

The question of retirement age resolved by vote

Also for the first time ever, an actual vote was held on site to determine the resolution of Proposal 7.5 “Proposed repeal of article 15(3) of the Articles of Association (retirement age of 70).” The matter was resolved with the following votes:

Total votes: 56,141,686

  • Votes for: 55,867,761 – 99,512%
  • Votes against: 214,497 – 0,383%
  • Abstaining votes: 59,428 – 0,106%

Prior to the vote, a lively debate on the matter took place with several shareholders stating that retirement at 70 is outdated, since senior citizens nowadays live longer and remain active and fit for fight for much longer. Others maintained that an official retirement age is necessary and proposed that it be raised to 72 or 75.  

Stock holder reading annual report at headquarters

Please find the minutes of the Annual General Meeting here. Questions may be directed to Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communication, Flemming Ole Nielsen, at +45 4320 3392.