DSV global headquarters officially inaugurated – by HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark

27 May was a special day at DSV’s global headquarters in Hedehusene. 200 guests participated in the official inauguration and celebration of our new headquarters

HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark arrives at DSV

Among the guests were customers, suppliers and stock holders.The Hedehusene staff had “front row seats,” looking on from both the outside and inside balconies.

The hand of creation now welcomes new guests

And at 13.50, precisely, HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark (the Queen’s consort) arrived to unveil his sculpture “La main du createur” (the creator's hand), which is now adorning the main entrance.

Minutes before, Chairman of the Board Kurt K. Larsen had given a welcoming speech highlighting the beauty of the building, the combined functionality and aesthetics – and the fact that DSV now has a headquarters befitting of a successful, global company.

I always look forward to arriving at the entrance and taking the walk up the central stairs to CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen’s office to enjoy the beautiful view of Roskilde Cathedral…,

he said.

Before unveiling the sculpture, HRH Prince Henrik expressed joy that his sculpture and creation – first devised in a much smaller format in the early 80’s – has now found its way in a grand format to the DSV headquarters.

Of its conception, he said:

when I create, I just let my feelings take form, and this is what came from that process.

La Main du Createur by HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark 

La main du createur (HRH Prince Henrik 2013) is a limited edition sculpture; a total of six identical sculptures have been produced.

9 months in... we need to extend

After the unveiling of the sculpture, the party moved inside the building where Director of DSV property, Brian Winther Almind, once again welcomed the guests and briefly outlined the design, interior and functionality of the building and terminal.

He also revealed that the terminal will soon be extended with another 10,000 m2 – to be completed at the end of 2015.

Business is booming, so nine months into production at our new location, we already need to extend,

Brian announced.

Managing Director of DSV Road A/S, Simon H. Galsgaard, also said a few words about working and producing at the new headquarters.

Having all divisions and functions gathered in one place is a great advantage and creates great synergies,

he said.

Walkabout in Hedehusene    

The two-hour inauguration event was concluded by a reception – a buffet for the guests in the canteen – and an invitation to have a walkabout in the building. Guides had been placed strategically at the staircase on each floor to help answer any questions that the guests might have.

And for an hour or so, guests curiously walked around the three floors, occasionally stopping to talk to staff. A popular destination was of course Jens Bjørn Andersen’s corner office – to admire the view Kurt K. Larsen had praised in his speech.

The atrium at DSV global headquarters

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