Right hand turns - seen through the eyes of children

A group of happy and curious schoolchildren climbed into the driver’s cab when DSV invited them to share the driver’s perspective at a potentially dangerous right hand turn.

Right turns - school children

”First I saw them and then they disappeared. I don’t know if they stopped or not.” Anna from sixth grade sits behind the wheel in the stationary truck. Her classmates are circling the truck on their bicycles so Anna can see how hard it is to spot the cyclists during a right hand turn.

Working together to prevent accidents

DSV, local companies and the police are joining forces to prepare schoolchildren in traffic so they can avoid the dangerous situations when trucks are turning a corner. We are visiting local schools near our terminals where the number of trucks is naturally high. This time, the event was held at Charlotteskolen near our new headquarters. We visited the school together with our customer Greif, on whose location we pick up goods that pass the school on their way to our terminal. 

If you are in doubt then wait until the truck is gone

Many of the students had never been inside a truck before and were pretty impressed as they sat behind the wheel. DSV driver Flemming Jensen was asked many questions about traffic as well as other subjects. Flemming has never been involved in a right turn accident but with many years of experience he has been in some dangerous situations. He knows very well what one should be aware of when large vehicles are part of traffic and says: 

Think about where you are around the truck and never use the sidewalk to get ahead. If you have any doubts if the driver has seen you then wait until the truck has left.
Now I know how dangerous it is

The day with DSV left an impression with the kids.

I always thought you could see the bicycles, but when I lean forward a little bit I can’t see anything. Next time I am going to stop and let the truck drive on. Now I know that it is really dangerous,

said Amina from sixth grade.

There was also a traffic crossword and picture puzzle competition and the winner got a nice DSV toy truck as a prize. Everybody god a goodiebag filled with relevant traffic goodies as well.

5 tips for traffic
  • Choose the safest route to school
  • Cross any roads at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings
  • Use reflective badges or tape on both school bags and clothing when it is dark outside
  • Ride with a bicycle helmet
  • Avoid placing yourself in the blind spots of trucks or cars
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