Inspiring dreams of a career abroad

We were waiting in a meeting room in this multi-storeyed corporate glass-building, and in came three smartly dressed young guys accompanied by the boss. I could tell from the students’ looks that they were thinking, wow, that could be me …

Photo of DSV US headquarters in Clarke, New Jersey

The description is Anders Michael Pedersen’s, lecturer at Svendborg Business College in Denmark. Every year, the college arranges a two-week long study strip to the US for the 3rd year International Class students. The main purpose of the visit is a one-week study abroad experience at The Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, but they also make time to visit some companies, including the DSV US HQ in New Jersey.

A 20-year tradition

This year was special, since it was a 20 year anniversary trip. “The College in Memphis presented us with a plaque and everything,” Mr Pedersen fondly recounted during the interview for this article. The visit to DSV is also a firmly established tradition, although they haven’t been doing it for 20 years yet, he explained.

The travel plan is more or less fixed: Once they have completed their study experience at the College in Memphis, the students visit Washington for some educational sightseeing and then go on to New York. On their way, they stop in at the DSV office in New Jersey for some career inspiration.

It was so exciting. I was almost ready to apply to become a trainee myself, even though I’m 53 years old. I used to work for the Danish-based company Rockwool, and back then we knew DSV as a local transport company … So my eyes were opened, and I learned that today, DSV is one of the world’s biggest transport and logistics companies.

– Anders Michael Pedersen

Always looking for talented trainees

26 students and two teachers visited our office on 5 October. “We always invite them to attend a presentation of our company, meet with our trainees and join us for a serving of coca cola and dunkin’ donuts, before they leave,” long time employee and visit coordinator Anne von Huth explains. “We’re very happy to receive them and give them insight into our world,” she adds.


This time, the students were welcomed by Rasmus Haaning, Assistant Branch Manager, who also gave the presentation. He was then joined by Carsten Trolle, CEO of the Air & Sea Division, who came in and said a few words about the DSV business. Finally, the students met with trainees Adrian Harboe and Mathias Mosbæk as well as Lars Nielsen, Ocean Imports Manager, who happens to be a Svendborg Business College alumnus.

We’re always on the lookout for talented trainees, so we like to do our bit to impress college students while we have their attention. And we must be doing something right, because the feedback is that every year, quite a few of the students choose a career in transport and logistics,

Anne finishes.

Could global transport and logistics be for you?

The path to a traineeship somewhere in the DSV world usually goes via a local two-year internship and training programme, which leads to a diploma as a certified freight forwarder.

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