All systems go for Iran

Several sanctions and embargoes against the Islamic Republic of Iran have now been lifted, paving the way for most transports to, from and via Iran.

In DSV, the green light has been given by our Group Legal and Security Department that constantly monitors global sanctions and embargoes; and instructions for handling of goods to/from/via Iran have been updated and clearly communicated throughout our global network.

EU and UN lead the way

On 16 January 2016, several sanctions and embargoes against the Islamic Republic of Iran were lifted. The European Union and the United Nations led the way by removing almost all financial sanctions against Iran. However, several significant sanctions remain – regarding weapons, aerospace products, dual use products and the entire nuclear industry.

The requests are pouring in

While most restrictions still apply to any Iran related shipments in the US (imports and exports are still affected), requests for transports to/from/via Iran are already pouring in all over the world. And with the supporting process and regulations in place, DSV is ready to go.

With heavy sanctions imposed by the US since 1979 and the UN from 2006-2016, Iran is a virtually untapped consumer market. Similarly, the recent relaxation in policy implies huge potential for Iran to significantly increase their exports.

In other words, we expect that there will be a massive interest in shipping goods to and from Iran.

Ask us about trade and shipments to, from or via Iran

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