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The integration of UTi continues and new pieces are in place

Read about our progress with both integration and business in our current issue of moves:

  • Gearing up American road transport (p. 08-11)
    The acquisition of UTi has positioned DSV Road as a serious road-transport player in North America.
  • New data centres to support DSV's new world map (p. 12-13)
    The new and much improved data-centre set-up provides colleagues and customers with efficient, dependable and secure IT solutions.
  • Leadership training with a DSV feel (p. 16-17)
    Executive managers from all three divisions do leadership training together 
  • "Make in India" makes it easier to do business in India (p. 24-25)
    It has become easier to do business in India. Bureaucratic roadblocks have been removed and together with a tax reform the way for economic progress is paved.

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