DSV helps teach children how to be good pedestrians

Trucks are heavy and can be dangerous – particularly for cyclists and pedestrians.

We have a lot of trucks on the road every day, so we try to do what we can to avoid accidents. And when possible, we like to participate in educational programmes for children.

– Nicklas Eggert, MD, DSV Road Norway.

Earlier this month, on 5 January, we drove two of our trucks over to the primary school next to our Road terminal in Langhus, Norway, to participate in one such educational programme.

During the session, the children were taught how important it is to be visible as pedestrians. They were shown all the trucks’ blind spots, and everyone was invited to sit in the driver’s cabin.

We really enjoy visiting schools and interacting with the children. They aren’t afraid to ask questions, and we’re happy to answer all of them.

– Jeanette Eggan, driver, DSV Norway.

A healthy respect for trucks

Children naturally love trucks, and some of them may even grow up to become truck drivers, so we don’t want to scare them; but we do want them to know that they need to be alert, take precautions (e.g. by wearing traffic vests) and be aware that getting close to a truck in traffic can be very dangerous.

In snowy and icy conditions, of course, we all need to be even more careful.

Even with minus 15 degrees Celsius, everyone had a smile on their face.

Photos: Knut Wefring.

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