DSV open for business in Cambodia

With the acquisition of UTi Worldwide, DSV gained activities in nine new countries – among them Cambodia.

Meet the new Cambodian DSV team.

As of January 2017, the DSV Phnom Penh office is in full operation, headed by MD Kanyarad Julhiran who is also the managing director of DSV Air & Sea in Thailand.

DSV Cambodia is a fully integrated member of the DSV network and offers services within air and sea freight, warehousing, buyer consolidation, project transport and customs clearance.

Cambodia is fast-developing economy and has great potential for even further growth, so we are looking forward to build on the strong foothold we already have here.

– Kanyarad Julhiran, MD, DSV Air and Sea, Cambodia and Thailand

MD Kanyarad Julhiran seen with Regional (APAC) Director Claus Thomsen at the opening ceremony in December 2016. About 100 guests were present to witness DSV’s entrance into the Cambodian transport and logistics market.

Central location in Phnom Penh - get in touch

DSV Air & Sea Co., Ltd.
3rd floor Regency Complex C
Phnom Penh 12000

Phone: +885 23 86 03 30

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