Transport of surface material for racecourses is on a tight schedule

In the last 12 months’, we have transported surface material for racecourses from the UK to Belgium, South Korea, Sweden and most recently also to Denmark

Surface materials for race courses

On several occasions DSV has transported Equestrian Surfaces Ltd.'s products from Burnley in the UK to destinations in Europe and the APAC region.

Racecourse surface materials are specifically designed for the climate and use at the destination and thus tailored to meet specific requirements.

"We have had an excellent cooperation with DSV on the transports to Belgium, South Korea, Sweden and, most recently, Denmark during in the last 12 months. DSV is an efficient and trustworthy partner. They provide precise information with a short response time, which is important to us and our customers," says Philip Bond, Sales Manager at Equestrian Surfaces Ltd and continues: "Since many horses are usually trained on the racecourses every day it is important to maintain a minimum of downtime and ensure that delivery takes place as scheduled."

The most recent transport

In February this year, we transported 406 tons of surface material across the North Sea to the racecourse in Klampenborg, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The material is a blend of environmentally approved synthetic fibres and multi-washed silica sand, wax coated to suit the Danish climate. The shipment was loaded in sixteen 20 foot containers and shipped from Burnley via Felixstowe in the UK to Copenhagen, Denmark and then by truck to its final destination.

"The changing of surface material must take place as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to avoid downtime and stressing the horses with noise from the heavy machinery. DSV delivered as agreed and their cooperation has been great," says Allan Arndt, Head of the racecourse in Klampenborg, Denmark.