Lifesaving deliveries at home

Together with Fresenius Medical Care Denmark A/S, DSV handles the delivery of dialysis fluid for the home treatment of people with impaired kidney function.

DSV driver Dannie Lyhne services the Greater Copenhagen area with dialysis fluid for patients with impaired kidney function who treat themselves at home.

Every week, some 130 patients receive the crucial dialysis fluid from Fresenius Medical Care Denmark A/S for the home treatment of kidney failure.

Dannie Lyhne comments on his daily deliveries: "We all know the feeling; it’s very annoying when you have to wait for a home delivery. It’s such a hassle. And that’s why we have to make sure that the deliveries arrive on time and with as little disturbance as possible. Some patients want me to deliver their dialysis products just inside the door on the 5th floor; while others want me to put them in a cupboard in the room with the dialysis machine".

One of the advantages of home treatment is that the patient can time and perform the treatment to fit perfectly with their schedule for the day. Patients avoid the weekly visits to hospital to receive the time-consuming treatment that removes toxins and excess fluid from the body and blood streams.

CEO of Fresenius Medical Care Denmark A/S, Bo Johansen envisions a rise in home treatments and highlights that a high level of service is essential for successful home treatment:

Home treatments need to be effective and secure the freedom that increases quality of life for the patient. This requires a high level of service and flexibility in the delivery of dialysis products.

Flexible deliveries and a high service level

Fresenius Medical Care Denmark A/S sets itself apart by focusing on a strong value chain. “In the market, we are known for our high quality medical products and equipment for the treatment of patients with kidney failure. In order for us to provide a high level of service and guarantee flexible deliveries, we need to focus intensely on our warehouse and outbound logistics setup. We have to be able to act fast and effectively, and with DSV as logistics partner we can", says Bettina Vincens Andersen, Logistics Manager at Fresenius Medical Care Denmark A/S.

Commenting on the cooperation with Fresenius Medical Care Denmark A/S, which includes a temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouse with own wholesaler licens, pick and pack of medical products and delivery of prescription medicines to hospitals and patients in their own home, Brian Hoppe Nielsen, Quality Supervisor in DSV Solutions Denmark, says:

"In DSV, we are very aware of our role in this cooperation, because our drivers are in direct contact with people in vulnerable situations. Quality for us is much more than living up to requirements for the storage, transport and handling of medical products. Quality is as much a question of the right personal attitude when meeting the patients; medical products should be delivered with great warmth and empathy".

Dannie Lyhne drives a small refrigerated van to ensure swift passage in densely populated areas.

All DSV drivers, delivering to private homes, have been hand-picked based on their personality and driver experience. Dannie comments on delivery to private homes: "For me it’s about ensuring a good experience every time I deliver dialysis products to a patient – and this varies from patient to patient. Some want me to make an almost unnoticed delivery while others want to have a chat."

At Fresenius Medical Care Denmark A/S, CEO Bo Johansen highlights the delicacy of home deliveries. Usually, there is a no contact between hospital patients and suppliers. "Home deliveries are very delicate. It’s a unique situation and quite a demanding task to do home deliveries. For his reason, it’s incredibly important that people have confidence in us as suppliers."

While home delivery of medical products is a relatively new service for DSV Denmark, DSV South Africa has been doing it for a long time. Here, the DSV Healthcare unit delivers 350,000 patient-ready packs every month to chronic patients, making DSV the country’s second-largest pharmacy.

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