First group of Young DSV trainees has graduated

In June our first international Young DSV trainees became certified freight forwarders.

DSV_2017_First Young DSV graduates

Congratulations and well done to the happy Young DSV graduates (from left to right): Aaron Kelly (Ireland), Andrei Danila (Romania), Thomas Bishop (UK), Charlie Gregory (UK), Justine Bleuze (Belgium), Caroline Jakobsen (Norway), Isabela Stan (Romania) and Melissa Maroñas (Spain). 

Following their exam at headquarters in Denmark the participants were congratulated by CEO Søren Schmidt, DSV Road Holding who toasted to the trainees’ future within DSV and highlighted the importance of having excellent freight forwarders. Later in the day diplomas were given at a celebratory event where Global HR, directors and trainers were present to congratulate the company’s newly qualified freight forwarders.

Here is what a couple of the trainees have published on Linkedin about Young DSV
"What an amazing experience this has been. - I am truly grateful to have been given such an opportunity and to have met so many wise and inspirational colleagues from countries all over Europe. It has for sure been quite the learning curve at times, however in the end it was all worth it! Thank you to everyone involved," - Caroline Jakobsen. And Tom Bishop wrote "Incredible experience" about the Young DSV programme. 

An outstanding performance

One participant, Justine Bleuze, also received a special award for outstanding performance based on her consistent, outstanding performance during the eight modules and two year long course.

More congratulations to Justine Bleuze and very well done.

About Young DSV

The Young DSV Programme is about building and maintaining a steady pipeline of certified freight forwarders across Europe to support future developments in Europe and globally. 

The trainees receive on-the-job training in their home countries and come together for weeklong courses (eight modules) at regular intervals throughout the 2 year period. The training is conducted by a Danish business school and our own internal trainers consisting of top DSV planners and specialists. This unique blend makes it possible to provide our international trainees with a recognised training programme while also incorporating our own DSV DNA into the programme.

The second class of Young DSV trainees has already been underway for almost a year now and the third class will begin their training later this year.