DSV Spain opens two new offices

Since early September DSV Spain has opened new offices in Girona and Murcia.

DSV office buildings in Murcia and Girona, Spain

DSV's new Spanish office locations in Murcia (left) and Girona (right)

"With our new offices in Girona and Murcia we expand even further in the Catalonia and Murcia regions," says Iban Mas, Managing Director, DSV Air & Sea, Spain and Portugal, and continues: "We are a global supplier of transport and logistics services, yet we want our presence to be local and close to our customers."

How to find and contact us

Open since 4 September 2017:

DSV Girona
C/ Güell, 58 Edificio CINC

Tel. +34 972 940 974

For more information please contact Branch Manager David Hernandez
Open since 2 October 2017:

DSV Murcia
Avda. Doctor Pedro Guillén, 5
Esq. Miguel de Cervantes

Tel: +34 968 969 143

For more information please contact Branch Manager Cristobal Richart

About DSV in Spain

Since 2006 when DSV entered the Spanish market we have expanded our business and today we have more than 1200 employees in a total of 25 locations across the country including own DSV offices in the Canary Islands. Presently, growth expectations in Spain and, in particular, the Catalonia and Murcia regions are high and we expect to grow with the market.

For further information in Spanish visit and