Annual General Meeting 2018

The Annual General Meeting took place at Headquarters in Hedehusene on 8 March

DSV's Annua General Meeting March 8 2018. Board of Directors and Executive Board

The Annual General Meeting took place at Headquarters in Hedehusene on 8 March. Around 200 people attended in person, and the meeting went off in just under an hour and a half.  All agenda items were quickly resolved and approved unanimously.

Read the meeting minutes here.

A positive atmosphere

Both the Board of Directors and the Executive Board reported on the company’s activities in 2017.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kurt Larsen, gave a positive report. He commended the efforts of all employees, freight forwarders as well as top management, in enabling DSV’s continued growth.

The shareholders contributed to the positive atmosphere  and complimented the good results during the meeting as well. 

“We kept our word”

This meeting marked the tenth time CEO, Jens Bjørn Andersen was able to take the stand and report the annual results:

“This is certainly not the worst year to tell you all about DSV’s results...  When we acquired UTi, we wanted to achieve global synergies and improve our results. I’m happy to say that we kept our word, and we were able to achieve those synergies and deliver a strong result in 2017.”

Following Kurt Larsen and Jens Bjørn Andersen, Group CFO, Jens H. Lund also took the stand and supported their reports with an account of the financial results. 

The attending shareholders were bid goodbye after a short Q&A.

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