Celebrating women in DSV

On International Women’s Day, 8 March, we are celebrating the women working in DSV and the skills and experiences they bring to DSV.

We believe that a balanced workforce with equal access and opportunities for anyone who decides to join our company is crucial to our success as a business and contributes to ensuring a good working environment.

Our focus is reflected in our employee statistics, as we reached the most balanced gender ratio yet in 2017, with 39% female employees and 61% male employees. This is significant considering that freight forwarding traditionally has been a male dominated line of work. This International Women’s Day, we are celebrating all the women who work in DSV.

Below we highlight some of our talented female employees and their experiences in DSV.

Exciting times ahead

Tina Larsen, General Manager, DSV Air & Sea, USA

I have worked with transport and logistics since 1989, and I was one of the first women to have a career in the industry.

When I got promoted to assistant branch manager in 2003, there was not really a lot of women in managing roles within DSV USA. That has certainly changed. In most of the US offices we have women in managing roles, and in the LA office 3 out of 4 managers are women today.

DSV is a very dynamic company and a somewhat young organization. I am very proud to be working for a company which is doing so well – both locally in the US as well as globally. In the US, there are so many uncharted opportunities for growth and development in all three divisions and I really see exiting times ahead for DSV and the employees working here. 

Progress on a personal and professional level

Fang Xie, Managing Director, DSV Solutions, Singapore

My journey in DSV has been fantastic. I have been managing 110 fulltime employees and 30 part-time employees since April 2016. I enjoy my leadership role and motivating my employees to perform their best.

What I appreciate is how results-oriented DSV is as a company and how we operate quite de-centralized and close to the market with local teams driving the company forward. DSV’s culture is down-to-earth, even among the executive management whenever they come down here to visit us.

I also value my continuous progress on a personal level in DSV, as well as being part of the constant organisational improvements. After I was appointed Managing Director, I promised myself to do a better job today than yesterday – financially and operationally. I look forward to many more productive years in DSV.

In an international environment

Esther Voogd, Senior Director, Strategic Projects Solutions Global

I am in my third role in DSV in six years, which really characterizes how it is to work in DSV. You are able to evolve and grow as much as you desire as long as you perform and provide results. That is why I am such a good fit for DSV – it is a highly result-driven company - and so am I.

I always wanted to work in an international environment and role, so that was my end-goal when I began working at DSV in 2011. My first role in DSV was not international but already after a year and a half, I got the opportunity to change jobs within the company. I raised my hand and grabbed all the opportunities I could to obtain more competencies and skills, which in the end led me to be head of a global program in DSV.

There are many opportunities for growth and evolvement in DSV for both men and women.

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