Moving into new facilities by the US-Mexican border

Our two branches in Laredo and Pharr by the US–Mexican border are moving into brand new facilities. Along with the move comes a revitalised and enhanced focus on the cross-border trade.

With the merger of UTi in 2016, new opportunities emerged for DSV in the cross-border trade between US and Mexico. The new DSV facilities in Laredo and Pharr are located a few miles from the Mexican border with only 3 ½ hour drive between them

A DSV vitamin injection

David Peng, President, DSV Road, is enthusiastic about the move:

“The old facility in Laredo was over 40 years old and quite run down. Moving into a brand new facility with 50,000 sq. of warehouse and a modern office with new furniture is a way to “reset” our presence in the region – a much needed vitamin injection. The two offices will also host some new colleagues. We are fortunate that Branch Manager, Janus Junker, has agreed to move to Laredo from Memphis to help get the engines started and activate our cross-border growth strategy”.

Expanding the business

Being present at the border allows us to expand the business. Mexico is the third largest trading partner for the USA after Canada and China. Five million trucks cross the border every year with three million trucks going through Laredo.

David Peng says:
“We have not taken proper advantage of our presence at the border, but now is the time to focus and benefit from the regions’ growth potential.  All three DSV divisions – Air & Sea, Road and Solutions – are active on the border, which means we can cross-sell and create high-level solutions. We are planning on consolidating the Air Sea and Road volumes by establishing new lanes with regularly scheduled departures from the Midwest and LA to Laredo/Pharr and Mexico. This will greatly strengthen our service offerings to the automotive and other industries.

Happy employees outside the new office in Laredo and the new warehouse space.

A motivating factor

On 26 February, the employees are moving into the new facility in Laredo. The new facility in Laredo was built in 2016 and consists of 3,000 sq. of office space and 47,000 sqm. of warehousing and cross-docking space.

In Pharr, the employees moved into the new 157,000 sq. office and warehouse on 2 January. Read more about the Pharr facility here.

“I hope that moving into the new and modern facilities and having new colleagues join the branches will be a real motivating factor for our employees in both Laredo and Pharr,” David Peng finishes.

How to find us:

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8310 W. Bob Bullock Suite A, Laredo, TX  78045
Tel. (956) 723-4343

DSV Air & Sea Inc. & DSV Solutions
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