DSV Locker meets growing demand in South Africa

DSV ByBox has been relaunched as DSV Locker in South Africa. DSV Locker is the digitally supported parcel service fulfilling the growing demand in the country.


The growth of e-commerce has fueled an increased demand for easy and safe parcel delivery in South Africa. In 2014, DSV in South Africa tapped into this booming market with the launch of the digital supported parcel service: DSV ByBox. 

March 2018, the popular parcel service was relaunched as DSV Locker.

DSV Distribution Managing Director, Greg Saffy, says about the innovative service:

“We saw a need for a scalable technology solution to meet the lifestyle demands of our customer and we meet these needs with DSV Locker - a digital parcel service with 24-hour access. Our lockers are currently located in three main cities in South Africa. Johannesburg; Cape Town & Durban, with six more provinces in the pipeline over the next 12 months.”

Interest from many sectors

The awareness of the service is increasing – especially around the secure and stable delivery process – and so is the customers’ interest.

Saffy continues:

“The interest in using DSV Locker even comes from sectors we initially did not have in our scope. Like technicians driving around to fix equipment and appliances in private houses and offices. Now the technicians can avoid driving around with expensive spare parts after having picked them up from a warehouse but instead have the required parts distributed to a conveniently located DSV Locker. It creates a safer work-environment while reducing driving time. Other collaborative industries include banks sending sensitive documents, education institutes providing and receiving papers and e-commerce shops of course.”

Learn more in the video below. 

Easy and safe to use

The ease of use is one of the main reasons people keep coming back to use the service. Saffy exemplifies:

“Like when a customer orders products online. He or she simply selects the most convenient DSV Locker and the parcel is dispatched the next day. When the parcel has been delivered in the chosen DSV Locker, a SMS is sent to the customer with a PIN number or QR code to access the locker.”

To provide safe pick-up places the lockers are located close to other service stores or public buildings. Locations include filling station forecourts, shopping centres, post tertiary campuses and public transport nodes.

DSV Locker has quickly become the popular choice for tens of thousands of people in South Africa, who want to easily send and receive parcels at the time and place convenient for them.


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Sectors using the DSV Locker service:

  • Courier Product (B2B & B2C): Used by businesses to send and receive internal mail as well as to reach external customers.
  • Courier PAKs (C2C): Used by the public sector to send parcels (the PAK product is based on fixed package size and price).
  • Education: Used by the education sector to distribute learning materials to students and includes a return mechanism that allows students to submit completed assignments to the institution.
  • Banking: Distributing cards and documentation of a sensitive nature.
  • eCommerce (B2C): Used by online retailers to deliver parcels and goods to customers.
  • Boot Stock (B2B): Used by service providers to distribute and manage parts in the in-field technician business.
  • Returns (C2B or B2B): Used by all industries to facilitate speedy returns of goods.