Going abroad with DSV

It can be quite the adventure to move to another country to work and live. DSV offers many opportunities to work abroad and experience the “DSV life” from a new perspective.

Below you can read three DSV employees’ personal experiences of moving to one of our fastest growing Group functions: International Shared Service Centre (ISSC) in Warsaw, Poland.

Taking my career to the next level

Christian Carstensson Olesen, Manager, Operational Shared Services

From Denmark. Moved to Warsaw in 2014

I was offered a job in Warsaw after working in DSV in Denmark for a year and half. I had no reservations saying yes to the new position at the International Shared Service Centre (ISSC) in Warsaw. I had already been there six times in relation to my job in Denmark, so I knew I liked the city and my future colleagues - I was ready to move abroad with DSV.

Back in 2014, I assessed that there would be a lot of career possibilities at the ISSC – it turned out I was right. After just two years, my manager quit and I was offered his position as responsible for the Operational Shared Services department. 

It has been a great ride to be part of the development of ISSC – and it still is! In the three years I have been here, we have grown from 200 employees to now 800. And in a year and half, we will move into a new office building that will accommodate 1500 people, so the development and growth will continue. 

The city of Warsaw is a wonderful place to live. Coming from Denmark, I did not experience a large culture shock – besides the food, which I had to get used to in the beginning. Only thing I really miss from Denmark (beside close friends and family of course) is the Danish open sandwiches.

Moving to Warsaw has really propelled my career to the next level much faster than I believed it would have if I have stayed in Denmark. There is just so many great opportunities here, it’s just about seizing them when they show up.

From a very small Icelandic town to Warsaw

Gotti Kristjansson, Director, Business Support Services

From Iceland. Moved to Warsaw in 2017

I started working in DSV in 2015 and moved from Iceland to Denmark for the position.  After two and a half years in Denmark, I got offered an exciting position and promotion at the ISSC in Warsaw. I did not know a lot about Warsaw beforehand, so I had to go on Wikipedia to learn more about the city and Poland. I like what I learned so I thought: “why not try another work adventure?”.

Of course, I had to get my wife on board as well. We were quite excited to move to Warsaw. My wife and I are from a small town in Iceland with only 1,000 residents and the Danish town we lived in was also quite small, so it was our first time living in a metropolis with more than 3.1 million residents.

There is a large Polish population on Iceland, so we already knew that the Polish people are very nice and friendly.  One time, my daughter fell off her bike and four people came running to help and see if she was OK -  I find that extraordinary for a big city like Warsaw.

We have been here for 10 months and my family and I are very happy to live here – combined with the fact that it is an easy flight to get back and visit Iceland. The only thing we really had to adjust to was the traffic – it’s survival of the fittest!

ISSC is becoming of increasingly strategic importance for DSV, and I am very excited to be part of the further development. ISSC, Warsaw offers a lot of opportunities and I can highly recommend working and living here.

I have always dreamt about Europe

Cheryl Obcena, GAS Specialist

From the Philippines. Moved to Warsaw in 2016

I always dreamt about moving to Europe and experiencing another part of the world, but I never truly thought it would happen. I was working in UTi in Manila when DSV acquisitioned UTi and suddenly I was offered a job in Warsaw – I was so excited!

Now I have already lived in Warsaw a year and I love it. When I first moved here I got quite the culture shock; in the Philippines everyone is always smiling and is very polite, whereas here people do not smile as much on the street and they are quite straight forward when communicating. After a while I found out that people here are very friendly and helpful, they just have different mannerisms than the people from my home country. My new Polish friends make sure I do not get too lonely and homesick – last year I had colleagues inviting me home for Christmas Eve, so I could experience a real Polish Christmas.

I do the daily reporting for our Air & Sea customers in DSV’s ISSC. My job gives me many challenges, from which I can grow professionally and continually learn about the industry and my field.  I am very grateful for this experience.

I hope to stay in Warsaw for a very long time – perhaps even for good.

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