A triple win: best CEO, CFO and now CIO

Last night, DSV’s CIO, Jesper Riis, was awarded the title of best CIO in Denmark by the IT publication Computer World. Riis is joining CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen and CFO Jens Lund who were also rated best in their categories earlier this year, making it a triple win for DSV.


At an industry award ceremony last night, Jesper Riis won the title of best CIO in Denmark 2018. The jury’s reason was Jesper Riis’ work integrating 23,000 new IT users and many IT systems after the UTi acquisition – in just nine months. Riis also managed to close almost a 1000 IT-applications and severely reduce the complexity of DSV’s IT set up.

Jesper Riis is now in great company with CEO Jens Jens Bjørn Andersen and CFO Jens Lund also topping the ratings this year. They both won the ratings by Økonomisk Ugebrev (Economic Weekly Update) – a Danish journal focusing on news and trends in economics and business.

Every year, the publication asks 19 industry experts to vote for the best CEO and CFO in Denmark. When CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen was rated top CEO in April, the reasoning for the win was:

"Virtually everything he has touched – including large and daring acquisitions - has become a success. This is also reflected in this year's executive rating."

Shortly after, CFO Jens Lund was awarded the title as best CFO in Denmark. Here, the reason was smooth financial management of DSV combined with a transparent information flow to the stock market.

With the announcement last night, DSV now has the best CEO, CFO and CIO in Denmark – a triple win.