Designing a sustainable supply chain with DSV and BMW

A collaboration between DSV and BMW in South Africa created a more sustainable supply chain and secured both companies the Gold award at the 2017 Logistics Achiever Awards. Learn more about the unique supply chain solution designed by lead engineer at DSV, Sinti Van den Berg.

Photo: Sinti van den Berg, Senior Logistics Engineer, DSV, accepting the Gold award at the Logistics Achiever Awards.

“Predictability is the key supply chain requirement for BMW,” explains Sinti Van den Berg, logistics engineering manager, and continues:

“BMW has eliminated decentralized warehousing and thereby created longer travelling distances with shorter lead times. This sets their needs apart from a conventional supply chain solution. By applying complex mathematical modelling methodologies, DSV designed a supply chain that is sustainable and profitable. The overall objective was to minimize total route cost.”

The sustainable supply chain solution for BMW has since 2016 secured:

  • Night time deliveries, so the BMW dealers who open their doors at 6am in the morning, can start booking the stock into their systems
  • Rush order lead times as fast as 3 hours from order placement to delivery
  • Market leading track-and-trace technology, which enables full visibility of freight throughout the supply chain
  • A 23% reduction of CO2 footprint

 “When I designed the solution, I looked at the drivers as being the biggest asset. We needed to minimise their overtime and maximise their job security.” Van der Berg explains and continues:

“What we realized when working on the new supply chain model, is that companies don't compete - supply chains compete. The designed solution provides short lead times over longer travelling distances – while remaining competitive on pricing, predictable on delivery and agile on capacity.”

Van der Berg finishes:

 “The optimised the supply chain secured a 23% CO2 footprint reduction compared to the previous supply chain design (also from DSV). From the outset, it was an ambitious supply chain design but it has been working and running since 2016. Our collaboration with BMW was awarded Gold at the Logistics Achiever Awards in 2017 – something I am very proud of.”

DSV ZA won two other Gold awards at the Logistics Achiever Awards in 2017 for collaborations with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Volvo. CEO, DSV Africa, Keith Pienaar, comments on receiving the awards:

“The awards demonstrate DSV’s deep understanding of the automotive industry and the special needs of each customer.  DSV is able to turn challenges into opportunities and then deliver significant economic and efficiency outcomes for our customers.”

Photo from the left: Johan Dekker, Managing Director, DSV; Anver Fakir, Manager, BMW; Rod Baxter, Part Logistic Managers, BMW; Altus van Wyk, General Manager, DSV; Greg Saff, Managing Director, DSV; unknown, Vanessa de Jager, General Manager, DSV, Sinti van den Berg, Senior Logistics Engineer, DSV.