DSV Indonesia opens new office in Medan, Sumatra

The new office on the Indonesian island provides good opportunities for growth in both imports and exports.

The DSV office in Medan, Indonesia is close to both airports and seaports
On 5 November, DSV Indonesia opened a new office in the city of Medan, taking over operational responsibility for all clients in the area and shipments in and out of all of Sumatra. 

Optimal location for growing business activities 

This is the sixth office in Indonesia, and it is located in Medan city. The location on Sumatra is optimal for gaining new business and is close to both an international airport and several seaports.  

Christian Schindler, Managing Director, Air & Sea, Indonesia, says about the new office: 
“An office in Medan brings us much closer to the market and to customers. Many industries export large volumes from here, giving us a good basis for growing the pipeline and for future growth through increased local commercial efforts and in collaboration with our global DSV network.” 
Sumatra exports many products. The island is home to some of Indonesia's richest oil fields and most of the country's palm oil plantations are located on the island. In addition, pulp and paper production is a dominant industry and most of the country’s rubber, coffee, tobacco, pepper, tea, pineapple and betel nut finished products are exported from the international gateways in Sumatra to the world. 

“Some of DSV Indonesia’s existing customers already export products such as tires, rubber, latex gloves, tissue paper, pineapple and raw material for soap. But the customers are also importing chemicals for production or machines and spare parts for processing equipment of said commodities. So, we already have the knowledge to handle this type of customers and now we are closer to them as well”, explains Christian Schindler. 

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