DSV helps optimise shoe company Samuel Hubbard's supply chain

A faster route from Europe to North America speeds up the supply chain and improves Samuel Hubbard’s customer service.

Samuel Hubbard shoes are transported by DSV 2018

Being able to offer quick deliveries and respond to the ever-changing consumer demands is essential to ensure customer satisfaction when you are in the retail business.

Shoe company Samuel Hubbard is located in San Francisco (CA) in the US. Shoes are manufactured in and imported from Europe but transit to the US was too slow and often the shops were out of stock. Samuel Hubbard decided that their supply chain needed an overhaul.

DSV accepted the challenge

Our teams in the US and Portugal cooperated on the solutions which resulted in optimisation of several points in the chain including a new air freight route. The result was a much faster supply chain and Samuel Hubbard being able to always supply products to the shops/not being out of stock.

“We needed to improve the transit times, and DSV came up with the logistics solution we need,” says Bridget Ferguson, Vice President Merchandising at Samuel Hubbard and she continues: “The relationship with DSV has been pivotal to our success.”

Broadening the cooperation

Recently, Samuel Hubbard also chose DSV to help them expand into the Canadian market and it goes without saying that we were pleased to assist and ensure the set-up of the Canadian supply chain across the Atlantic.

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