Human aid

DSV has a global approach to human aid with Red Cross | Red Crescent as our primary partner

Over the years, community and charity work in the context of DSV has largely been done locally in support of many different causes. Examples include donations to and voluntary work at orphanages in India and Nigeria; donations to the Children's Cancer Fund in Denmark (on-going commitment) and to Doctors Without Borders in Germany, to mention just a few.

Starting in 2016, we adopted a more global approach and chose Red Cross | Red Cresent as our international human aid partner. 

Partnering with Red Cross | Red Crescent

The Red Cross | Red Crescent and DSV are both international organisations with a global reach, and where the Red Cross | Red Crescent has a lot of experience with providing disaster and emergency relief, DSV is an expert within transport and logisctics. A partnership uniting these elements allows both parties to focus on what they do best and ensure a quick response when needed.

We work together providing: logistics services, logistics expertise and financial support. Visit to learn more about the agreement, or start by watching the short video below about the 2,000 sqm warehouse space DSV sponsors for disaster relief equipment.


As part of the agreement, all DSV homelands are encouraged to support local Red Cross | Red Crescent organisations.

Read more about the Red Cross | Red Crescent partnership Read more about The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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