Road safety

Thousands of DSV trailers populate the roads of Europe, North America and South Africa every day. DSV's policy is that driving must be undertaken with the utmost care and attention - and that drivers must always comply 100% with local traffic law.

DSV is a non asset-based freight forwarding company. To a very large extent, we do not own or even operate trucks. We manage a flow of goods and operate a fleet of trailers, which we hire independent trucking companies to transport.

Nevertheless, whenever a DSV trailer is on the road, we require that our subcontractors live up to the DSV policy for safe conduct on the road - and that they always drive according to local traffic laws and regulations.

Educating and informing is part of our responsibility

DSV continuously informs employees and subcontractors of legislation and company policies concerning road safety. That way, we help make sure the drivers act safely when driving across countries and in cities or local communities.  

In addition, DSV teaches road safety to school children in local communities.  Accompanied by a local business partner and local police, we show the children a truck driver’s challenges in traffic by letting the children take turns sitting in the truck cab. Seeing e.g. a truck’s blind angles helps the children understand why it is important to be able to navigate safely in traffic - both as a truck driver, a pedestrian or a cyclist.

We do not tolerate road safety transgressions

We rely on the public to report any road traffic violations involving a DSV trailer. If you witness unlawful or bad driving with a DSV trailer in tow, we want to know, so we can follow up and take appropriate action.

Please use our Global Office Finder to contact your local DSV office and report any incidents, including unsafe and/or inconsiderate driving.

Please note that without a trailer number, we may not be able to identify the trucking company/driver. In any case, please report the incident and provide as many details as possible. Thank you. 


Read our Road Haulier Code of Conduct here 

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