Talking to the press

23 May

What’s going on here, you might ask. Well, this was a photo shoot for an interview I did with Dansk Energi (a lobbyist organisation for energy solutions businesses) as a warm-up to my key note speech at their annual summit 23 May.

When I started as CEO in 2008, press interviews was something I did every once in a while. Now, I get requests for interviews several times a week – from the Danish, UK and US press mainly, but also increasingly from German and not least Swiss press.

Requests from the press increased significantly with the announcement of the acquisition of UTi Worldwide and then again up to and with the announcement of the agreement to join forces with Panalpina – supported by the buzz created by our offer to acquire CEVA.

Like me, DSV used to be fairly anonymous, but we’re definitely on the map now. I may not quite be a public figure yet, but I’m getting there. I sometimes feel that it can’t possibly matter what I think, but I am coming to terms with the fact that the opinion of one of the largest transport and logistics companies in the world is of public interest. 

So, in April and May, I have been doing Q1 interviews, feature theme interviews, TV appearances and public speeches to talk up DSV’s interests to a public audience. Next month, I’ll be attending Transport and Logistic in Munich, and the press have found me there too.

In this sort of setting, I prefer to concentrate on our customers, so I won’t be scheduling interviews for this event, but it’s a balance act. If we want to get mentioned and get our messages out there, we also need to give interviews – and it can’t always be entirely on our terms.

Needless to say, business always takes precedence, but talking to the press is very much a part of my job.

P.S. Monday’s headliner in the Danish business newspaper Børsen – “Trump’s trade war and Brexit elicit fear among Danish executives: a lot of feelings are at stake”. I don’t recall having said that exactly, but you develop thick skin the more you’re “quoted” in the press.