New intermodal service between Turkey and United Kingdom

Added flexibility to suit your individual needs and budget

Economical and environmentally friendly transport

The new service is a supplement to our existing Turkish services by road and short-sea. It is more economical than the conventional route by road with a transit time only slightly longer. The service is also environmentally friendly, which is of prime importance to some importers and exporters. 

"We have seen an increasing interest in intermodal services as shippers seek more cost effective ways of sending their goods," says Morten Joergensen, Managing Director DSV Road, Turkey. "As rail services between Turkey and the UK become more efficient and reliable, transit times are improving and the service becomes a real alternative to both road and short-sea." 

Two routes, both ending up at your doorstep

There are two options for our customers. The first option is by rail three times a week from Halkali train terminal in Istanbul, Turkey to Zeebrugge, Belgium or Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The second option is by short-sea from Istanbul to Trieste in Italy and then by rail to Zeebrugge or Rotterdam depending on the final UK destination. The containers have the same loading capacity as a curtain-sided trailer. And they are sealed by the shipper after loading and are fitted with enhanced locks for extra security.