DSV opens its fifth office in Porto Alegre, Brazil

We have opened a new branch office that will cover the southern part of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul

The Porto Alegre branch is the fifth branch opened by DSV in Brazil since we started our activities in June 2012.

With the opening of DSV Porto Alegre we have taken an important step to expand our organisation in Brazil. Opening an office is in itself not difficult. The trick is to assemble the right team to carry on the DSV culture, drive growth and ensure operational quality.

Mikael Thomsen, Managing Director in Brazil

Our staff is excited to show what we can do for our customers.

"Our staff is proud to be a part of DSV in Brazil and eager to introduce DSV to the business community – not only in the city of Porto Alegre, but the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul," says Cristina Baratto, Branch Manager of DSV Porto Alegre.

Land of the gauchos and churrasco

Porto Alegre (happy harbor) is famous for the Gauchos (cowboys) and Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ). The city is the state capital. With a population of 1.5 million it ranks among the 10 most populous cities in Brazil. The metropolitan area around Porto Alegre is the 4th largest in the country with 4.5m inhabitants.

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