DSV opens new logistics facility in Germany

To support growing operations in Germany, DSV consolidates two smaller locations into one 54,000 square meter logistics facility.

We have moved our operations from two existing locations, Ladbergen and Osnabrück, to our new facility Westerkappeln. The facility is located 20 kilometres west of Osnabrück and 80 kilometres east of the Dutch border.

The 54,000 square meter facility includes a 9,300 square meter cross-docking terminal with 99 loading bays, along with office space for around 200 employees. It will be one of our main logistics hubs in Germany, and it will also handle sea freight shipments.

The Westerkappeln logistics facility provides optimal conditions to continue to grow. We can combine our activities and create important synergies.

Peter Fog-Petersen, Managing Director, DSV Road Germany

A special feature of the facility is the built-in conveyor belt

The new conveyor belt system allows us to transport pallets through the facility on pallet jacks, which reduces the need for forklifts. We can accurately time workflows and optimise our operations. This allows for a smooth flow of goods.

The conveyor belt also reduces noise and improves safety compared to traditional forklift transport.

Important role in our European network

In the future, over 2,600 shipments per day will be handled from Westerkappeln. With direct lines, goods of any kind will be transported to all German and European business centres. Within the European DSV network, the new location also plays an important role. As a hub for Russia and Scandinavia, shipments are bundled and shipped accordingly.

In addition, shipments from over 1,000 suppliers throughout Europe for the common automotive business will also be consolidated in Westerkappeln and brought to DSVs container packing station in Bremen. Shipments to overseas production facilities will be brought to our packing stations in Hamburg or Bremerhaven.

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