Ready to change

Read the comments from Jens Bjorn Andersen, CEO, about "one DSV" and how we listen to our customers

DSV is the sixth largest freight forwarder in the world. It’s a position we can be proud of and pleased with, as it provides our customers with a number of obvious advantages. First of all, it gives us an even better competitive position, simply by providing a better product at a more competitive price than was previously possible. Higher volumes ensure higher filling ratios in vehicles, ships, planes and warehouses, benefiting both the environment and the bottom line.

Also, the position as sixth in the world is a sound platform for our strategy to outgrow the market. We were therefore quite pleased to note that in recent quarters, DSV has exhibited stronger growth rates than the market in general, completely in line with our objectives.

Our position among the world’s giants is also a good starting point for rewarding those who have already chosen us as their partners. Because it is crucial to not only focus on attracting new customers but also to take good care of existing customers and reassure them that DSV is the right place to be.

Listening to the customers

The Customer Success initiative described in the latest issue of Moves magazine is one of the customer initiatives that we’re following most intensely in the Executive Management. Since June, we have systematically asked our customers in four selected test countries about their satisfaction with DSV as logistics supplier. Would they recommend us to others? Is there anything we can do to improve?

We have met fantastic enthusiasm for participating in the survey, and the best way to repay this kindness is by listening to the response and being ready to change if that is what our customers want. We are incredibly skilled at attracting new customers to DSV. If we can also improve the retention of current customers by reacting to their needs and desires, we have a bright future in store.


‟One DSV” did not arise in a central think tank. It was an idea launched on these pages less than 12 months ago, based on pure common sense. It is pleasing to see how well the idea has been received throughout our organisation. I experience a great willingness and desire to work together across units within the individual countries and across borders.

This is something for the organisation to continue working on, and I venture to say that it will be a recurring theme for the time ahead: how to best present DSV as a single unit to our customers – for the benefit of all parties.

Best regards,

Jens Bjorn Andersen