Customer satisfaction survey in DSV

Daily customer feedback helps us to provide quick-response solutions to customer needs

In June 2014, we distributed 200 online customer satisfaction questionnaires. Unlike annual or half-yearly questionnaires, these questionnaires aim to provide us with daily customer feedback. This is a pilot project, but after strong results, a global rollout is just around the corner: daily gauging of the level of satisfaction among hundreds of customer relations with a view to immediate action if the survey gives negative results. 

This broadly based daily customer satisfaction survey generates a Net Promoter Score (NPS), an online method for gauging customer loyalty. NPS measurements are quite common, but whereas many companies choose to conduct the survey once a year, we have made it a daily feature, which allows for on-going trend monitoring and immediate intervention in case of problems. The survey comprises four questions, and we measure the satisfaction of not just key individuals but all customer relations.

"For every day of the survey, we get an ever more precise picture of our customers’ overall satisfaction, which is essential for keeping them in DSV. A customer with a negative view of our service is a customer on the way out of the store – and will definitely not recommend us to others. Conversely, we know that a customer satisfaction improvement of 4 NPS points corresponds directly to roughly 1% higher turnover. If we can increase our customer loyalty by just 10%, it will generate significant additional turnover," René Falch Olesen, Chief Commercial Officer, DSV.

Reacting promptly to customer needs

The automatic set up of the survey allows for prompt reaction from our account owner every time a customer notes a negative response.

"The immediate reaction is what makes this such a strong tool," says Wolfgang Frank, Head of Business Innovations & Systems, DSV. He describes how individual account owners have received a toolbox for getting more or less dissatisfied customers back on track to dialogue.

"We’ve defined processes and procedures for different types of "alarms", such as from more or less dissatisfied customers, and the account owners then have to find out what is required to improve the service. This could involve changing an inexpedient process or behaviour from a DSV employee or business partner. A measurement will not change anything in itself. Where we create value is by following up on and dealing with any complaints,” says Wolfgang Frank.

The tool in action

Andreas Polychronakos, DSV Air & Sea Germany, received a Net Promoter Score of 6 from a less than satisfied customer. Following this, the account owner contacted the sender within two hours. The response turned out to be based on a misunderstanding, but the quick reaction helped reinforce the good relation. The customer said:
This is the fastest reaction to a customer survey I’ve ever seen – very impressive. We’re very pleased with our contact people, and have been for ten years now.

Andreas Polychronakos:  "As our pilot survey also showed, it’s essential for customers that they are recognised and appreciated. Therefore, this was a very positive experience."

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