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DSV provides a Supply Chain Innovation service for existing and prospective customers to optimise supply chains from cost, service, lead time to sustainability and risk perspectives

Supply chain innovation service, DSV
Our experienced consultants have access to best practices, benchmarks and leading supply chain optimisation software and a proven track record in improving our customers supply chain performance. Our advice is independent and focused on identifying and implementing the best solutions seen from a customer perspective. We have successfully used our approach to identify and deliver supply chain savings of 10% or more across various geographical markets and industries.

We would like to challenge the status quo and bring new insight to our customers.  Our aim is to help our customers to design a supply chain that is synchronised with their business goals. That will enable them to win in the market place.
Erling Johns Nielsen, Head of Supply Chain Innovation, DSV

Independent advice

When DSV dissects the customer supply chains, it goes beyond our service scope and touches different business units such as procurement, production, logistics and sales.

"Our role is to provide objective advice to our customers – be their trusted advisor on supply chain matters. Often our work will lead to additional and significant opportunities for DSV, but the DSV products need to land the business for the right reasons. Our analysis should not recommend a DSV solution blindly or by default if that solution does not make sense from the customer’s perspective. Doing so would jeopardise DSV’s credibility and result in a loss of business to DSV," says Erling Johns Nielsen.

Customer focused

"We have the experience and tools to help differentiate DSV before, during and after the tendering process. We go the extra mile to understand our customers business and supply chain challenges and we talk more about them than us. And we spend man-months on designing and optimising supply chains end-to-end on behalf of our customers so it falls in the "extras" category and the service will be charged separately," Erling Johns Nielsen.

Supply Chain Innovation supports DSV’s journey to become a more customer-centric organisation focused on delivering and measuring customer value. Part of the remit for Supply Chain Innovation is therefore to make their ideas and concepts available on a broader scale within DSV.

"A more efficient supply chain might in the short term lead to less freight revenue if containers and trucks could be better utilised. However, not taking the initiative to help our customers improve supply chain performance can backfire if the customer identifies such opportunities themselves – or worse – gets this insight from one of our competitors. We might then put the entire business at risk. On the other hand if we proactively help our customers to become more competitive we can translate this goodwill into longer, deeper and more rewarding customer relationship for both parties," says Erling Johns Nielsen, reminding us that global companies typically use several 3PLs.

"We’re here to find solutions that make sense to the customer and thus lead to cost and service improvements. If we do a good job and gain the trust of our customer, we will get the license to grow with them," concludes Erling Johns Nielsen.

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