Explore the ends of the world

From the North Pole to the South Pole, the Alfred Wegener Institute ventures deep into the unknown – to places only a handful of us will ever set foot on

Unlike the adventures of Indiana Jones, however, the Alfred Wegener Institute isn’t looking for a golden chalice. They research the effects of climate change on particular ecosystems in the sea, on ice and on land. Their aim is to understand how the activities of humans and nature change the global environment.

DSV moves their special equipment. 

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About the Alfred Wegener Institute

The Alfred Wegener Institute - Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research carries out research in the Arctic and Antarctic as well as in the high- and mid-latitude oceans. It coordinates German polar research and makes important infrastructure available to international science such as the research icebreaker ‘Polarstern’ and research stations in the Arctic and Antarctic. The AWI is one of the 18 research centres that form the ‘Helmholtz Gemeinschaft’, Germany’s largest scientific organisation.

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