Moving day for DSV employees

Today, around 700 DSV employees are moving into the brand new and modern DSV headquarters in Hedehusene, Denmark

DSV headquarters

The DSV employees will be met by a modern and bright office and terminal building. The headquarters is built with focus of functionality, design and great infrastructure without compromising the green profile.

Infrastructure is particularly important when you are in the transport business and in Hedehusene we have virtually direct access to the Danish motorway system. We foresee up to 650 cars and 300 trucks through the gate on a busy day.

Brian Winther Almind, Director, Group Property

The environmentally friendly perspective

From the very beginning of building the new headquarters, being green has been a priority. Solar panels are installed on the roof of the terminal building and cover the entire headquarters’ power demand on days of maximum power production. Food waste will be ground and stored for subsequent use in biogas plants and for domestic heating. And new low-energy equipment is installed and "follow me printing" is expected to reduce paper consumption by 20-25%. 

Everything to reduce the overall carbon emissions from our headquarters.

Some facts about the headquarters

  • 130,000 m2 site
  • 16,000 m2 office space
  • 12,000 m2 cross-docking terminal
  • 47 meeting rooms
  • 900 parking spaces
  • The office roof structure weighs 400 tons and is the first of its kind from VELUX
  • Identical workstations designed to offer flexibility and obtain LEAN working conditions
  • All floors have lounges, outdoor balconies and flex rooms for internal meetings. Workout area is located on the ground floor.

If you are planning a visit to our new headquarters you will find it at:

Hovedgaden 630
2640 Hedehusene

For further information about our new headquarters, please contact Brian Winther Almind, Director Group Property at +45 43 20 40 20.

Photo taken by CHRISTIANSEN photography