Single air charter operation prevents mine shutdown

DSV delivers spare mill head half way around the world in 22 hours

Mill head loaded into Antonov by DSV

A mining company in Chile commissioned DSV to deliver a spare mill head from a manufacturer in Perth, Western Australia to a mine near Antofagasto, Chile. The existing mill head had developed minor cracks, and speedy delivery of a replacement was needed.

Halfway around the world in 22 hours

The mining company was facing the brutal reality of shutting down operations of the mine, so to keep production up and running, they decided to book the fastest transport solution: air charter.

The spare part "only" weighed 19 tons, but due to a diameter of 4644mm, DSV loaded the cargo onto the big Antonov AN124 freight plane operated by Antonov Airlines and Ruslan Int. It took 22 hours and 13 minutes to reach Chile.

Customer satisfied with professional handling

Through great cooperation between Australian colleagues from DSV’s Perth office as well as project managers in Sydney and Danish colleagues in Aarhus, we ensured smooth delivery to great satisfaction to the client:
It certainly was a fantastic day on a number of levels and I am still amazed at how smooth it went from the loading to the final lashing down on the Antonov. We will speak later today and thank you once again for steering the DSV ship and making it such a smooth and faultless service. Looking forward to the next one

Mark Baker, General Manager, Online Logistics Solutions

DSV has a long history of operating charter flights for all kinds of cargo around the world. Our charter department with specially trained staff, organise full and part charter such as break bulk and oversized cargo for our customers. As a charter broker, we communicate directly with airlines, ensuring high flexibility, quick response times and the lowest available costs.

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