Watch out for the truck!

DSV and Novozymes put road traffic safety on the school agenda when 250 children got the chance to climb into the cabin of a large truck and see the dangers of being in the blind spot

DSV truck at school event

"It’s great to see that DSV, one of Novozymes’ major partners, is willing to make a joint effort with us to highlight road traffic safety in Novozymes’ local area," says Peter Hansen, Logistics Manager SCO EMA, Novozymes.

The pupils queued up all the way through the schoolyard to get into the cabin of the DSV truck to be shown and told about how to help the driver and themselves by staying out of the blind spot.

Invisible to the truck driver

They ride up in a long line, but you can’t see them at all,

said a sixth-grade girl about cyclists who rode along the right-hand side of the truck but who were hard to see in the side view mirror.

And this was the whole idea: Making pupils – who ride bicycles in traffic to and from school every day – aware of how difficult it can be for trucks and buses to see cyclists or pedestrians who enter a vehicle’s blind spot.

However, both drivers and cyclists can do their part to prevent right-turn accidents. The driver must stop completely and look for cyclists again before making a right turn. And cyclists riding straight ahead must be aware of how to position themselves in relation to the truck’s right-turn lane.

"If a cyclist is uncertain as to whether the driver will yield or keep turning, then he or she must stop and wait until the truck or bus has passed by. At the same time, it’s important to make eye contact with the driver to make sure he’s seen you," says Jan of the Gladsaxe Police, who took part.

Six good traffic habits

At the end of the day the children were given traffic points to remember

  1. Choose the safest route to school
  2. Cross the road at the traffic lights or pedestrian crossings
  3. Wear reflector tags or a reflector band on your school bag and coat in the dark
  4. Wear a bike helmet
  5. Stay out of the blind spots of cars and trucks
  6. Use bicycle lights

Gifts for the kids

All participants received a goodie box from DSV including a yellow safety vest and a reflector band. The box also contained a flyer outlining the good traffic habits.

Contact us if you want to know more about traffic safety